Athlete of the Week: Courtney Blastic

Courtney Blastic, a junior, has been on Winter Haven High's varsity girls soccer team since she was a freshman.

Courtney Blastic has helped play an important role in the Winter Haven High girls soccer team’s 3-1-1 start this season. Blastic plays forward and has been on varsity since her freshman year. She is currently a junior.

Blastic also plays club soccer for the Lakeland Tropics.

Who’s your favorite soccer player?

Julie Ertz.

How did you get into playing soccer?

My mom just kind of told me to try it out at a church. My coach told me on the church team that I was scoring too much, and I had to go to rec soccer — that was how I got into it.

Who has been your biggest role model with soccer?

Probably my old coach from the Winter Haven Kicks, Coach Dave.

How did your club team play in North Carolina this week?

We tied twice and lost our last game.

What do you feel like your team can improve on?

We need to work on connecting passes forward from the back line and learn how to take on players one-on-one when we have the chance and the speed.

What are some of the main things you’re looking for in the college you want to attend?

A school with a really good physical therapy program.

Why do you want to get into physical therapy?

I've kind of been in and out of (physical therapy) because of a dislocated shoulder and a few other injuries. I like the environment. You can pick if you want to be on a team or work on your own. It keeps me on my feet and I like it.

What are some of your hobbies outside of soccer?

I do art a lot. I paint and I like to draw.

What’s your thing about Christmastime?

I like the little Reese cups — the Christmas tree ones. Those are my favorite and I look forward to them every year.