It’s tough to start a season much better than Tyson Gurnsey has for the All Saints Academy boys lacrosse team.

In the team’s season opener against Windermere Prep, he scored 19 goals and tallied eight assists. Gurnsey is a senior at All Saints Academy and plays midfield and attack.

How did you get into lacrosse?

When I was in elementary school there was a club team and my dad played lacrosse in college. He was like ‘if you want to try it you can go for it.’ I was in second grade when I started and it took off from there.

What would be your dream school to play for in college?

I committed to play at Florida Southern at the beginning of the year so I'm super pumped for that.

Who is your biggest role model when it comes to lacrosse?

My dad, because he's helped me throughout everything and guided me through this crazy stuff.

What are some of the keys to being a good scorer?

I would say playing as much as you can. The more you play the better you get in game situations. Play against as many people as you can.

What are some of your goals for this season?

I would love to win the district championship, because we’re in a new district. It'd be cool to do that in my final year. (My other goal is) having fun with my teammates

What’s your favorite class?

I would say this year (my favorite) is history, but in the past (it was) science. I like my history teacher this year.

What are some of your hobbies outside of lacrosse?

I’m pretty big into mountain biking. I love mountain biking and traveling. I like hanging out around the lake

What is your favorite television show?

“Swamp People.” They hunt gators in Louisiana and it’s super funny.