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Did you hear the one about the Vermont legislator who wants to limit ownership and use of cell phones to adults?

A law went into effect in 2019 that was intended to cut down on people who are texting on their cell phones while they’re driving on public roads.

The holiday season has come and gone, but let’s continue to be thankful and grateful for the simple things we are blessed with. Be grateful for time with family and friends. Let us be thankful for achieving the small successes in life.

When several hundred intellectually gifted middle school youngsters return to class at Union Academy Middle Magnet School and its International Baccalaureate curriculum this month, they will be the 122nd class to be educated at a school with one of the most diverse and remarkable histories i…

Ask a veteran of the armed forces for two dates in his or her life, and in my experience they will be able to tell you the date entered on active duty and the date released to civilian life.

In the wake of June’s back-to-back Democratic presidential debates, the campaign has deteriorated into a “gotcha” contest more appropriate for a kids’ playground.

A recent article in Business Facilities called Florida an “economic super-state,” praising the way our state “excels at getting people, products and services anywhere.”

Back in my elementary and junior high school days (we’re talking about the late 1940s and early 1950s) one of the most vile insults you could hurl without getting your mouth washed out with soap was to call a classmate a Yankee.

The 2019 Legislative Session concluded May 4 with the budget now awaiting Governor Ron DeSantis’ approval. For the second time in three years, $2.5 million of Polk State College’s recurring operational budget supporting our Lake Wales Campus — more than 5 percent of the College’s total budge…

With sincere gratitude, I would like to take this time to thank every citizen for their time, support and assistance in the 2018 Election Year.