Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies shot and killed a Lakeland man on Friday after he refused to drop his rifle.

Michael Alan Loman, 56, of 3925 Combee Road, North, was the man shot and killed after had been shooting the weapon inside and outside his home, Sheriff’s Office officials said.

Loman's wife called 9-1-1 because her husband, Michael, had threatened to kill her. He also threatened "suicide by cop" if deputies came to the residence, and threatened to kill responding deputies, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. During the 9-1-1 call, a gunshot was heard by dispatchers.

A witness in the neighborhood told deputies he heard a bullet passing near where he was standing while Michael was shooting outside his home.

While the wife was still on 9-1-1 as deputies were in route, Michael came back into the residence, saying he needed to reload and went back toward the bedroom. The woman then exited the home. Soon thereafter, deputies arrived (at about 6:18 p.m.) and directed the woman away from the home to safety.

While the deputies were there, Michael came out on the front porch brandishing a rifle. Deputies told him to drop the rifle multiple times. When he did not, the suspect was shot by deputies and died at the scene (approximately 6:22 p.m.). Five deputies were on scene; four deputies fired their weapons at Mr. Loman.

The four deputies were :33-year-old Naiem Ali;  33-year-old Brian Bates; 21-year-old Michael Kohler; and  31-year-old Adam Pennell.

No deputies and no one else was injured.

Michael’s wife told deputies he had been drinking earlier in the day.

This investigation remains ongoing.

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