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A law went into effect in 2019 that was intended to cut down on people who are texting on their cell phones while they’re driving on public roads.

To help people get used to the law, there was a warning period. So, if you got caught during that period, you only got a warning.

Well, time’s up.

As of January 1, the warnings have been replaced by actual citations.

Some folks misunderstood and thought the state legislature passed an all-out ban on using your cell phone while driving. That’s not the case. In the state of Florida, you can still talk on your cell phone while driving.

Another misunderstanding is that this completely prohibits people from texting in their car. Again, that’s not what this does.

The law does prohibit you from texting WHILE the vehicle is moving, unless you are using a voice-to-text option. If you stop at a stop sign or traffic light, you are legally allowed to text while your vehicle remains stopped.

With the holidays over and children returning to school, you will need to keep your hands off of your phones. This law prohibits drivers from even holding their phones in school zones, as well as work zones.

That means no texting — even if you’re stopped.

Plus, it means you can’t operate your navigation app on your phone or even hold your phone to speak to someone while you’re in these zones.

Simply put, if you’re in a school zone or work zone, keep your hands off of your phone.

Please don’t text and drive, and please drive safely.