Sumter County citizens had to drive over the rough railroad crossing on C 472, between US 301 and Lake Miona. After three years of working with the railroad on contracts, budgets, schedules, etc., the crossing has been completed. 

The old asphalt railroad crossing has been replaced with a precast concrete crossing system. Precast concrete railroad crossings are installed for durability, lasting much longer than the older asphalt, timber and rubber systems. These systems also improve the rideability of the crossing. In addition, the precast concrete crossings can be constructed much faster than other types of concrete installations, e.g., those that are poured in place, because precast concrete is ready to install when it arrives at the job site. Precast systems are engineered, and the panels are built and cured off-site. Once the concrete hardens, the panels are delivered to the site before demolition of the old crossing begins.

The change in the crossing is tremendous, not only in how the crossing looks but also in how it rides. These are a couple before and after photos to show the improvement.

Board of Sumter County Commissioners.

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