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Are you a Pe w Potato or a Pew Possessor? Would definitions help you out?

Pew Potato – Church attender who comes every Sunday. Closely related to a Couch Potato and a Pew Warmer. But they do little in between Sundays. It’s like “give me a gold star” I came to church! But when the church needs volunteers, you make a beeline to get out the door? This term is used mainly for the under 60 years of age crowd, who are able bodied!

Pew Possessor – Pews do not have reserved seats! Please don’t tell a visitor it’s your seat and make them move! Great way to make sure they never come back.

Pew Research Center (pun not intended but it worked out kinda cool!) states that 14% of the 4,729 people surveyed cited the unfriendliness of the churches is why they do not go to church. That’s 662 people who may not try church again!!

It’s Holiday time again. Happy for some and sad for others. Have you lost someone you loved last week, last month 20 years ago? Wahoo is introducing the ministry GriefShare. Two sessions called “Surviving the Holidays” in November & December. If you are interested, email or call the church, and we’ll get back to you. This is open to everyone; you do not have to attend or be a member at Wahoo.

Wahoo Church “The Church with a Difference” and no dress code is located at 4517 CR319, Bushnell, CR48 just 4.5 miles west of I-75 in the big Wahoo curve. 352-793-6015. questions@wahoochurch.org.

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