Bob Peyton

Sumter News Sun recently asked readers for examples of kindness during the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of the people we heard from, Bob Peyton of Leesburg, shared the following story with us. Enjoy!

If you live in the Leesburg/Eustis area, you likely know about or have visited the Combat Cafe on US 19 south of highway 44. I have been going to their cafe since I moved here, because they are veteran-owned, always great food and the owners, Bruce and Beth [Chambers], are very nice people.

Like most local eateries, they’re working hard to keep the place open. I was enjoying one of their really good breakfast sandwiches on a recent Monday morning. There were only a few cars in the lot, but car-side service was available with a smile and a thank you for coming, by Beth.

Every once in a while, life lessons are thrown at you. Today it was my turn. While eating, an obviously down-on-his-luck man came to the front door and spoke to the owners. I expected they would send him on his way, after all times are hard and business is down, so handouts are rare.

Instead, they made him a breakfast, gave him a drink and treated him like any paying customer.

There is a sign on the front of the cafe that simply says Be Kind. Obviously not just a sign at Combat Cafe – it’s a motto.

If you’re looking for a place for a really good socially distanced place right now, visit here and support a local business with a big heart.

We all need more places like Combat Cafe in our lives. Bruce and Beth. Charlie Mike, and thanks for brightening my day!