June 24, Sumter County announced that the County and The Villages Land Operating Company, LLC, signed a landmark economic development incentive agreement to assist with the construction of a new rail spur that will launch a new sidetrack and transflow facility in the Governor Rick Scott Industrial Park, just south of the City of Coleman. The ability to bring freight cars into the park from CSX’s mainline rail will offer Sumter County businesses the opportunity to more efficiently import, export and distribute goods and materials, according to the County.

“The ability to transfer bulk freight from one mode of transport to another, from rail to commercial truck or vice versa depending on the direction the goods are flowing, means Sumter County will access the rest of the country and indeed the world through easy access to five of Florida’s deep-water ports,” the County stated.

The Governor Rick Scott Industrial Park is the latest showcase of public/private partnerships and has several projects under construction. The site and several projects under construction can be seen from Interstate 75 just a couple of miles north of the CR 470 Interchange.