Kathy Kreiselman

YHSSPCA’s April volunteer of the month, Kathy Kreiselman, and friend. 

In April, YOUR Humane Society SPCA, a Sumter County animal shelter, celebrated Kathy Kreiselman as its Volunteer of the Month –someone who has quietly but passionately served from her heart filled with love for animals.

This Ohioan (Go Bucks!) grew up on a non-working farm, with two horses, and an uncle who lived “down the road” and owned a dairy farm. Since her marriage a bit over 37 years ago, Kathy had a Golden Retriever and five cats. In 2018, the decision was made to hold off on adding more feline members to the pack in order to travel more and not worry about pets for a while. But, as it often happens, a visit to the local Cat Crazy Villagers meeting found Kathy wanting to foster a “no other cats” feline named Boots.  Who else could be more qualified, since they were likely the only people in the club with no cats? So, Boots became foster fail No. 1, and still lives with Kathy.

Last summer, Kathy was caring for one of our shelter’s cats, Ebay, a Manx, who was in a very large cage in Kitten Wonderland due to some litterbox issues. Kathy loved when Ebay would snuggle into her arms and found it more and more difficult to put Ebay back into her home. That’s when she decided to foster Ebay, work with her and make her adoption prospects much more viable due to in-home care. Foster Fail No. 2! Her “sister cat” Boots is still not thrilled with a “roommate,” but deals with it in typical feline fashion.

Kathy is passionate about wanting the animals to have homes, but until that time comes, she wants to shower them with love and socialize them to be expand their adoption prospects. 

“I get so excited every time I get an email that another adoption has occurred and tell my husband about my experience in caring for each one – especially the senior cats and dogs!”

She told us, “I love the setup YOUR Humane Society SPCA has, with their outdoor ‘catio’ and Kitten Wonderland. I love that we are ‘no kill,’ and everyone is so dedicated.”

Kathy adds, “I would tell anyone thinking about volunteering that there is so much you can offer these animals until they find their homes and there are many ways to use life skills. A volunteer can give time to hold and pet the animals, talk to them and show them love and compassion. But if someone is unable to work directly with the animals, there is a need for so many other facets, such as picking up donation of goods for the shelter.” 

If you would like to join our volunteer team, call 352-793-9117 or complete your volunteer application at yhsspca.org/volunteer

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