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David Dunn-Rankin

Maybe you watched “The Matrix” and enjoyed the far-fetched science fiction where we were all physically connected with cables to computers. Or you loved “Star Trek,” where Picard becomes part of the Borg with a wearable computer connected to his brain.

Or perhaps, to you, the very idea of connecting your brain to a computer is crazy talk.

Elon Musk, of Tesla fame, is building a company to connect your brain to a computer. Computer-created artificial intelligence will soon merge with our human brains.

Musk’s company is Neuralink.

Perhaps you think this will never happened. Think again. Have you ever watched a two-year-old in front of a TV screen? The TV has taken over their brain as they watch the images in a hypnotic state.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten. You are already connected 24 hours a day to an artificial intelligence. It’s called the smartphone. We are already a mix of man and machine – It is just that the data transfer is really slow from our brain to the smartphone and back again.

Musk is only suggesting we take the next logical step. Eliminate voice and manual instructions.  

All it takes will be for you to agree to put a chip the size of a quarter in your brain and let them connect a few wires to your brain.

Millions will sign up, but not for the reasons you think.

Musk is actually late to the party. There is established technology called Utah arrays. These are four pads on top of the head connected to computers.  It’s been around since 2014. Users who are paralyzed appreciate the additional freedom Utah arrays offer.

If you are paralyzed or have a brain disorder, wouldn’t you want to have a richer, fuller life? That’s what Neuralink is promising. 

It’s coming soon. The system has been trialed on a pig. It’s also been trialed on a monkey who used the Neuralink to play a video game telepathically using just his brain. Human trials should start in the next 12 months.

If Neuralink can help slow down or reverse the effects of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease in your body, wouldn’t you race to sign up?  

In later versions, there will be no need to speak. If you wish, others can just read your mind. Sounds scary? What if you’ve had a stroke and can’t properly speak anymore and would love to just one more time to say out loud, “I love you.”

It would sure save a lot of time with email or writing memos. No need to touch a keyboard or speak. Just think what you want on the screen and your email or memo appears. Change the wording with just your thoughts.

Of course, there is always the potential dark side. Our brain is already manipulated by dark political forces on the left and right who want to control our thoughts. Our computer systems are already continuously under attack by hackers. What happens when we have a computer in our brain?

Whether this makes you excited or not – this is coming. 

The world is evolving at a pace never before seen in mankind. Strap in for a marvelous, exciting and scary ride.

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