Rosie Reve

Rosie Reve and her husband, Ray, with their Great Dane, Jack.

October is Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month, when most animal shelters promote the adoption of hopeful dogs waiting for their forever family. At YOUR Humane Society SPCA, volunteers are crucial to saving and nurturing the dogs and giving them their best chance of finding a loving home. One such volunteer, Rosie Reve, has been recognized for her service and named the organization’s Volunteer of the Month for October.

Reve’s history with pets stretches back to her childhood in Long Island, N.Y., when she’d use her dog Penny’s belly as her pillow at naptime and hold Penny’s dog bowl in her lap to hand-feed her. Reve also remembers staying up all night as a 14-year-old helping the family’s English bulldog, Buttercup, deliver her puppies. 

When Reve and her husband, Ray, married, they had a collie, and over the years they raised four Rottweilers and trained three of them to become therapy dogs. Today, Reve has a huge, loveable Great Dane named Jack, whom they adopted from YOUR Humane Society SPCA. 

Her most rewarding experience at the shelter so far is when she helped a surrendered senior Chihuahua. 

“She trembled in fear at the back of her crate. I began speaking to her softly, telling her what a pretty girl she was. I wanted to calm her. It worked,” Reve said. “Two days later, I put my hand in for her to smell, and by the fourth day, she was in my lap, sleeping comfortably.”

The following week a woman inquired about the dog but was concerned that she didn’t seem friendly. Reve said, “I called that little dog’s name, and she came running. I scooped her up and held her while I explained how I had talked softly and slowly encouraged her. That very afternoon the woman adopted her.”

“As a volunteer,” Reve said, “you can walk, train and socialize the dogs at the shelter. You can do laundry – there’s tons of that every day. You can help in the office, too. There’s always something to do. It’s so rewarding and a lot of fun at the shelter.” 

She added, “You have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to save animals, and the volunteers and staff are a wonderful group of people.”

For volunteer information, call 352-793-9117 or complete an application at 

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