wahoo church

Yeah, we’re talking to you again.  Going to church on Resurrection Sunday, Easter, the Super Bowl for Christians, whatever you want to call it. How about a repeat! You might actually like it. And you will defi-nitely like it, if you attend Wahoo. Guaranteed!

Now, would you agree that some-thing this country and the world needs badly right now is a little wisdom! 

April 24 we started a new sermon series called “Wise Up!” based on the Book of Proverbs. Come get wise with the rest of us!

Our Sunday night Bible Studies will go through May 22 and then we give those leaders a break for time with their families and begin those studies again in August.

Palm Sunday is over, but it was a day to remember at Wahoo. Nine, 9, baptisms.  Outside in a pool. Two adults. 7 children. Fathers of the children went in the pool with their child to be a part of this incredible event.

Wahoo is truly a church with a difference. No dress code, and everyone is welcome.  However, perfect people are not allowed because you mess with our synergy. Also, no one has ever been struck by lightning coming into Wahoo. There is Visitors Parking also because visitors are special!  And there is no assigned seating in pews. Just grab a seat.  Again, you worried about hypocrites? Well, there’s always room for one more.  questions@ wahoochurch.org

 See our hours and services in the Worship Section in this paper.

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