Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer

As 2023 begins, we want to thank our citizens for their continued support of our agency. We are looking forward to the New Year and the new opportunities it brings. We strive to find new and effective ways to serve our community. We are often analyzing methods to open the lines of communication while protecting the rights of crime victims. The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is committed to our community partnership and is always working on ways to perfect the effectiveness of our service.

The men and women of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to protecting the lives, property and quality of life of the citizens of Sumter County. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our sheriff’s office team.

Lastly, Sheriff Farmer and the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office team hope you had a safe, happy and healthy holiday.

 Please stay safe, and always, communication is key. If you see something, say something. We’re here for you.

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office


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