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“While looking for life to take pictures of behind Lake Point Senior Apartments, I spotted the pupal stage of the evolution of a Gulf Fritillary (the butterfly),” writes Tavares resident Michael Ragsdale. “Pictured is what I believe is one of the final stages of the formation of a chrysalis.…

The holiday season is finally here! Time to deck the halls and get those gifts ready! A common plant seen this time of year is the poinsettia. These showy plants have been bred to keep their color through the season, with some varieties blooming as early as October. Let’s talk about a few in…

In August, I wrote an article titled “Sweet freedom” that described how our home was free of pets for the first time in over thirty years. I waxed on about how much our precious fur babies meant to us but that we were ready to enjoy our lives animal free.

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Salley Clare (Pagenkemper) Baumann was born October 22, 1946, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania to Arthur and Doris (Braun) Pagenkemper. Sallye Baumann died on December 7, 2021, at the age of 75 in Tavares, Florida.

Editor’s note: David Dunn-Rankin, who many readers know through his weekly column, is CEO of this newspaper’s parent company and the son of Betty Dunn-Rankin. The following originally ran in the Venice Gondolier.