Karen Cochran Beaulieu

 Dear Karen,

I’m in my early seventies and I have a problem that I’m sure is quite common. I can’t get motivated to exercise. The fact is, I hate exercising, I have a million lame excuses and the lazy lifestyle of COVID-19 has squashed any motivation I did have. Do you have any exercise advice that might give me the push I need?


Dear Reader,

I must confess that I struggle with the same problem. My husband can attest that I’m guilty of procrastination and have jokingly pledged to start exercising when the cows come home! Lack of exercise has become a bad choice in many of our aging lives, although we know this decision is detrimental to our health.

According to Senior Help Guide, keeping fit can boost your energy, protect your heart, manage a variety of illnesses and improve your mind and memory.

As a seasoned activity and life enrichment director, I was inspired by your question to create a crazy, yet workable exercise plan. Begin with a quick consult with the doctor and then proceed with an accountability partner, so exercise and encouragement can be shared.

However, for those who don’t have an exercise buddy, like me, please accept my challenge to join the official Caregiver Corner Exercise Group! Other incentives for joining this program are improvement in brain function, sleep patterns, high blood pressure and stress reduction. It also lowers the risk for getting Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Motivated yet?

Crazy as it seems, we have the chance to make a serious group commitment. Goals must be specific, shared, attainable and heartfelt. We’ll begin Monday, Flag Day, June 14, a specific day to remember and ample time to share this challenge with others. Our first attainable goal will be practicing my easy “chair exercise program” detailed in my book, “Moments that Matter,” or you can buy a seated chair exercise DVD.

It’s best to start exercising before a meal. My plan is a 15-minute, three day a week workout that embraces proper breathing and tested physical movements from head to toes. This presents an easy way to start and there are fun instructions for adding music, weights and props after the routine is established. For those physically able and excited to advance, other exercise tips for walking, hiking, stretching, light weight training and simple sports can be added.

Let’s do this! If you are motivated, contact me at my new website, www.moment-making.com. Through email, we will have the opportunity to become team exercise buddies and encouragers.

Thank you, dear reader, for giving us all a big push towards a healthier mind and body! Join me virtually on Flag Day, June 14, 2021. I’m eager to hear from you – please don’t make me do it alone! No more excuses, the cows have come home!

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