CREATE Conservatory is a nonprofit, private elementary school in Leesburg that specializes in STEM education through arts integration.  That means students at CREATE will learn traditional subjects like reading and math, as well as important 21st-century skills like technology and engineering, but rather than demonstrating knowledge by bubbling in tests, students do so through music, art, and dance.

If you’ve ever wondered why you can remember the lyrics to “Conjunction Junction” but not what you had for breakfast this morning, the answer is arts integration.  Research has found that arts integration increases academic engagement, achievement, and grit, which is why at CREATE they are infused throughout the curriculum.

The brainchild of founder Nicole Duslak, an award-winning educator with two master’s degrees in education, CREATE Conservatory was designed to meet the needs of gifted, talented and creative children in North Lake County.   As Mrs. Duslak explains, “CREATE Conservatory will provide an alternative to public school options where all children are expected to fit into a mold, learn the same way, and complete paper and pencil tests to prove knowledge acquisition.”

 The school will serve students in Kindergarten-5th grade, and enrollment is ongoing.  Scholarships are also available.  Spaces and scholarships are limited, so families are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible.  

For more information, or to begin the application process, visit the school’s website at  www.createconservatory.com. One-one-one information sessions are also available for families who would like to discuss the school’s COVID policy, which can be tailored specifically to each individual family’s needs.  These sessions are held online at the family’s convenience and can be scheduled by emailing the school at CREATEConservatory@gmail.com.