Family Affair

Membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution, for many, is a family affair.  The Daughters of the American Revolution has a legacy that is treasured by its members.  Any woman who is eighteen years old and can prove her lineal descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving America’s independence is eligible.  This month, Alyssa Creagle, Joan Luebbers and Elizabeth Robbins were welcomed into the Ocklawaha Chapter located in Eustis, Florida.

Joan and Elizabeth’s Patriot Ancestor is Abiel Chamberlain. “I’ve always been curious about DAR because I’ve been working on our family history.” said Joan Luebbers.  “When I found out that I had relatives that were Patriots, I was absolutely excited.  I mentioned DAR to my sister Elizabeth and she was interested in membership also.”

 Elizabeth Robbins said, “both of our parents were born in the Boston area and I was always interested in my family’s history.   Our father, who also loved history passed away in 1999.  Sadly, he never knew he was the descendant of a Patriot and would have been welcomed into the Sons of the American Revolution.”

 Anita Nolan and her granddaughter Rebecca Nolan attend meetings and DAR events together.  “Although I haven’t been in the DAR very long, having Rebecca with me, makes it so much fun” said Anita.  “I wish I’d been able to share this experience with my mother, but I’m so happy to share it with my granddaughter.  It really is a family thing.” Anita and Rebecca’s Patriot ancestor is Capt. Robert Payne of Virginia.

 Alyssa Creagle’s mother, Jenna said “I’m very proud of Alyssa for taking this step to preserve her lineage.  We come from a long line of pretty cool women.  I believe Alyssa will always be able to draw upon their strength.”  Jenna and Alyssa’s Patriot Ancestor is John McClure from Pennsylvania.  

Anyone interested in attending a meeting or learning more about the Daughters of the American Revolution should contact June Perry at  Prospective members are always welcome to attend.

For more information on the Ocklawaha Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, visit