If it doesn’t seem like it sometimes you are probably reacting to an “anchor”.  This is something that warns your subconcious of a past experience.  There are a lot of examples and they could go on forever since almost every moment of your life is an elaborate maze of anchors.

Have you ever heard a song that reminded you of high school or smelled something that brings back an old memory?  Some common anchors that have an emotional response are the smell of a hospital or an old lovers cologne.

Anchors aren’t just smells, but tastes, sounds, people, places, activities and events.  If you’ve ever met someone that you immediately “clicked” with or disliked for no reason you were actually reacting to the past memories of similar situations or people.  That’s not very fair is it?

These “anchors” as we call them in hypnosis or NLP are constantly effecting your mood and decision making.  What if you felt about your husband the way you feel about a handsome movie star?  What if green vegetables felt the same emotionally as when you eat chocolate?  Did you know you can change an anchor or just make it neutral if that’s the goal?

At Lake Hypnosis the whole point of a weight loss program isn’t just to change eating habits but to feel and think like a thin person by adjusting your anchors.

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