Cats rescued in Umatilla

On June 12, the Humane Society of Lake County was contacted by a family that had visited the Ponceannah Cemetery in Paisley and found a cat and her five babies living under a portable toilet. They bought food and water for them until HSLC could check on them the following day and gather up the feline family.

The mother cat practically jumped into the car when the door was opened. Mom and babies were dirty, flea- infested, lethargic, and skin and bones. They are all very friendly, and HSLC staff suspect that at one point they belonged to someone and were left in the cemetery.

If the visiting family wouldn’t have stopped at the cemetery, who knows how much longer the family would have survived without food or water.

At HSLC, the cat and kittens have put on weight and their personalities are blossoming. However, it will still be a while before the cat family is ready for adoption. HSLC is located at 16435 McKinley Road in Umatilla. Contact: or 352-589-7400.