Families, businesses, schools and just about everyone had to modify daily life in dramatic ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the most significant effects of COVID-19 – beyond the health implications – have been the changes in outings and gatherings and the ways holidays are celebrated.

As shoppers hit the holiday shopping trail once more, they can look to the pandemic for gift-buying inspiration.


Travel-related gifts

Travel restrictions greatly limited where people could go, so millions embraced staycations as a means to taking breaks from school and work. Travel restrictions have now been adjusted in many parts of the world, and vaccinated individuals may feel more comfortable traveling again. Consider gifts that include travel essentials, such as luggage, plane tickets, toiletries, hotel vouchers and even gift cards to use on vacation purchases.

Preparatory gifts

People are much more germ-conscious as a result of the pandemic. With the wintertime double whammy of influenza and COVID-19, it pays to be cautious and sanitary. Gifts that promote cleanliness may continue to be appreciated. Stylish reusable face masks; special sanitary “keys” that limit contact with things like ATMs, doors and elevator buttons; ultraviolet disinfecting lamps; and even purses and bags that can be cleaned without damage are all gift ideas that make cleanliness more convenient.

Home improvement supplies

In the wake of canceled vacation plans, homeowners channeled their vacation dollars into home improvements. Those who still have plans to redo and renovate will appreciate gifts that may include gift cards to home improvement and design retailers. In addition, as certain materials like lumber have gotten more expensive, a cash gift to offset the cost of materials can help people see projects through to completion.


Dining out vouchers


Even though many restaurants pivoted to takeout service or established outdoor seating to meet safety requirements, dining establishments still felt the pain of the pandemic. More people have returned to traditional dining, and gifts that focus on dining out, such as certificates for favorite restaurants or wine bottle caddies for BYOB establishments, can make for great gifts.


Support new hobbies


Many people took on new hobbies and explored new activities to pass the time during the pandemic. Encourage these hobbies by gifting tools and supplies. If a person adopted a new pet, try pet-toy subscriptions or even purchase pet health insurance.

Though the pandemic is something many people would love to forget, holiday shoppers can look to it for inspiration when buying gifts for loved ones this year.

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