Sometimes we can get so fixated on our wants and desires, that we forget how to be flexible, make room for others and rock meekness like a boss.

I’m writing this because I’m guilty of this in the first degree.

If things fall through or don’t go according to plan, I stress. In Galatians 2:21, the Bible describes this as frustrating grace. Instead of seeking God first, my mind wants to flip out and figure out a way to control whatever just spun out of my control.

If I enter into grace like I have in so many other areas, this control issue wouldn’t be a factor. What is God’s grace besides unmerited favor? It’s His ability working in us, making us capable of things we can’t do on our own. For a fuller understanding on the grace subject, read Grace the Power to Change by Dr. James Richards.

A smidge of my back story: When I was younger, I was taken advantage of by a family member. It took a lot of God and forgiveness and healing to overcome that difficult time in my life.

Because that situation was out of my control, I developed a personality trait that ensured I would never suffer at another’s hands.

At first, the trait came in the form of manipulation. I made it my duty to make sure I got my way and stayed safe, never fully putting my trust in people. My husband received the brunt of this early in our marriage and I nearly ran him off.

It was a close friend who pointed out that we always did what I wanted to do and now it was her turn.

I was stunned, I didn’t even know I’d been manipulating her or anyone else. Later, my pastor pointed out that I was super controlling over my kids. He knew my heart was in the right place, that I wanted more than anything to protect my boys, but I was smothering them out of fear something would happen to them.

I asked for God’s help and He graced me with the desire to put others first and to give my boys more freedom. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

Although I don’t manipulate people any longer, I do enjoy swaying situations and building boundaries. When they’re broken, I can come unglued.

Lately, stress has shown up in my sleep. I’ve been grinding my teeth and the dentist is none too happy.

The irony? I’m taking my stress out on my physical health while I’m unconscious. No control there, folks!

It’s time for me to start walking in grace in this area, to gain flexibility, to not get overwhelmed and fight for control when all doesn’t go according to my plan.

This week’s practice is for me more than anyone. This Week’s Practice:

Ask God for the desire for His grace in a certain area. We won’t act on what we don’tdesire.

Notice grace come alive in your emotions, speech, outlook, etc. Recognize that you’redoing something with ease that used to be difficult.

When you operate outside of grace in your own ability, be quick to change your mind and reentergrace.

Trust God. Trust God. Trust God.

God’s plan for us is way better than ours. It’s when we seek Him on all levels that we work with His plan effortlessly.

Remember, you are a powerful child of God, created in His image. Everything you need to rise out of the ashes of your past lives on the inside of you.