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Why did we Switch to Solar?

When we (my wife Lina and I) purchased our home in Harbor Shores, Leesburg on May 26th, 2020 we wanted to switch to solar because we felt that we have been paying over the course of the years on our previous homes a lot of money that just went away for our electricity.  

In this home we wanted to save on our electricity bill and price protect it from ris-ing electricity costs.  

One of our concerns of switching to so-lar was aesthetics, we wanted to look great, we had seen horrible looking solar instal-lations, we did not want that. The other concern was the impact on our 4 years old roof, we wanted to be done right, to prevent any damage on our nice roof.

So, we started to research for the best solar companies in the country with local presence and after many companies we researched we found the one that overall convinced us.

We picked it up because after seeing some of their installations they look awesome. We learned one of the reasons for their installations to look so great was because they were one of the few com-panies that won’t subcontract any of the work, all steps of the process are done by their very own well trained W-2 employees. This allows great workmanship up to the quality stan-dards of the company.  

The company has been in business for over a decade, with tens of thousands of happy customers, offices in 7 states, is one of the oldest and fastest growing residential solar companies in the country. We were very impressed that after that many solar installations performed they were A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau with very few complaints (nothing major) compared to their large customer base and they took good care of every single one of them.

We found out too that they were also looking for additional people to work as a Solar Specialist here in Central Florida and they were going to train you for this position. We were so impressed with the company that I decided not only to be their custom-er but also, I went through the interview process that I passed, then through their training and I became a Solar Specialist on September 19, 2020. Up to today November 6, 2020, when I am writing this, I have helped 35 families switch to solar. They are all in-credibly happy. 

We can help you too to take advantage of the Federally Incentivized program that allows us to put solar on your home at no upfront cost to you.

We will help you transition to cheaper and cleaner power as seamless as possible and save money now and in the years to come.

Let us get together to see if your home qualifies for solar and to calculate your estimated savings when you switch to solar.


Alejandro Illera 352-434-7435

Your Bilingual (English/Spanish) SOLAR SPECIALIST

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