Lake County is home to more than 1,400 lakes, ponds and rivers that are critical components of the environment, enhancing quality of life and providing sources of recreation, scenic beauty and habitat for wildlife.

In special recognition of the vital role these lakes, ponds and rivers play in the well-being of our county, Lake County Water Authority proclaims July 2020 as Lakes Appreciation Month.

 “We encourage all citizens and communities to actively participate in the protection and preservation of our waterbodies,” said Amy Stone, LCWA Chairperson.

These bodies of water are valuable economic resources for Lake County businesses, tourism and municipal governments, with uses ranging from flood control and water supply to agricultural purposes and recreation.

These beneficial uses have been of vital importance to Lake County’s history, growth and financial health. The lakes, ponds and rivers improve the quality of life for all of Lake County’s residents, and their importance should not go unnoticed.

Maintaining the health of our lakes is the responsibility of everyone. The Lake County Water Authority recognizes the need to protect these lakes, ponds and rivers for future generations.

Citizens are encouraged to minimize their use of fertilizer, especially near the shoreline, and ensure that native vegetation is maintained on the water’s edge and grass clippings are not blown into the water.

For more information on how you can protect our precious water resources, visit the Lake County Water Authority’s website at