Watch what they do, not what they say!

The Trump Administration is reversing 100 environmental rules. Reference:

No matter what your political positions are, as a human living on this planet, you should be concerned. This planet does not belong to any one of us, it belongs to us ALL and it is our responsibility to take care of it now and for the future.

We only have one planet! So, when you vote, please think about who will take care of it! The following is a list of programs that are disappearing under this administration. Some may not concern you now but in time will affect us all! I will just list a few... do your homework and check out the others. This is your planet!

• National Environmental Policy Act    • Clean Water Act

• Migratory Bird Treaty Act    • Clean Air Act

• Federal Cave Resources Protection Act    • Endangered Species Act

• National Historic Preservation Act    • Migratory Bird Conservation Act

• Archaeological Resources Protection Act    • Safe Water Drinking Water Act

• Solid Waste Disposal Act    • Farmland Protection Policy Act

• Fish and Wildlife Act    • Eagle Protection Act

• Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

Now, I am not naïve or living in a fantasy world where I do not believe that we do need to review many of these and other programs, but reforming and adjusting has a much different effect on our futures than totally removing them! We need to understand who is benefiting and why...usually for profit and greed for the few and NOT for the many.

Wake up people and give a damn ... pay attention to what they do! Thank you for reading and in advance, thank you for caring.

~Frustrated in Florida             

Merrilyn Karrels, Leesburg

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