As I write this, I’m in severe lower back pain, propped up on my chaise lounge with an icepack, honored that I once again get to be real with you all.

Remember the SNL skits and movie Wayne’s World from the 90s? Hilarity would ensue when Wayne and Garth met someone that they deemed famous, fall to their knees and bow to them chanting, “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy.”

In this crowded world, no one is alone—save the self-declared hermit—though it may feel that way emotionally, financially and often times relationally.

No matter the results of our past choices, how we may’ve damaged relationships or treated ourselves, we can’t change the fact that we were created to experience love and to be loved.

Insecurities are malevolent, insidious creatures that attack a person’s self-worth at the heart level, making the person feel less than, unworthy and a whole host of ugly.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about how 10 percent of all the drivers on Florida roads are driving on a suspended license. This epidemic of suspended licenses is because Florida imposes heavy court fees we expect everyone to pay, regardless of their income. If you can’t pay your fees and…

Reader T. wrote me the following note about what it is like to own a small business right now.

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