This past week, our youngest son drove cross country to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend college at Colorado State University. He’s there early to setup residency and kick his GI Bill into gear before school starts in the fall.

Would you wear a mask if you knew that 25% of our children under two years old would die if they got infected with the coronavirus? I suspect most of us would say yes without hesitation.

The flies were swarming. On the outside of the screens. Stuck in the screens. Some even squeezed through holes in the screens and now were dive bombing us in the house. In the summer, Tidewater Virginia is ground zero for the mosquito and fly invasion.

Since I was a 2019 Royal Palm Literary Award winner, I was asked to judge this year’s competition. Woot woot! So much fun! But a lot of work as well. There’s a lot that goes into fairly judging a writing comp. I won’t go into detail to save you from a snore-fest.

This past week could’ve risen out of a Ray Bradbury novel, so dystopian in nature with contagions, closures and curfews. But it wasn’t ripped from the pages of Something Wicked This Way Come or Fahrenheit 451.

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