Prophecies of Hope presents Everything Is About to Change, a live, free community seminar series on the prophecies of the Bible.

The program will explore these questions: “Have you ever wondered if the events happening in our world today were foretold in Bible Prophecy? What does Bible Prophecy have to say about the future? Who is the Antichrist?

Is he alive already and walking this earth? What about that mysterious number mentioned in the book of Revelation, the number 666? What about the Mark of the beast? Is it something to be afraid of, or only a myth? What really is ‘the beast?’ And, is Jesus really going to return and rescue us from all this chaos? If so, how can I be ready?”

The series starts with “The Coming ‘New World Order’” on Friday, July 3 at 7 p.m. and continues nightly except Thursdays, at the CDC-compliant Prophecies of Hope auditorium, located at 1400 N. Central Ave. in Umatilla.

The program will also include health and wellness tips to keep you strong. To register and for information for online participation, go to For details, call 352-617-4636. Watch for a flyer in the mail.