David Dunn-Rankin

David Dunn-Rankin

Next week, I will write about the behavior of Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Republican leaders in Tallahassee towards transgender people. It is political pandering designed to stoke fear and hate.

This week, I want to write about how the radical left is making terrible errors in judgment that are hurting the LGBT cause instead of helping. The left is unwittingly helping incite the fear and hatred of the radical right towards transgender people. The extreme left needs to look in the mirror and take responsibility for making the life of transgender people even more difficult.

Something is going on related to sexual orientation which concerns not just the radical right Republicans but also most Americans who I will call traditionalists. Only 3% of the Boomer generation identifies as LGBT. The next generation, Generation X, about 4% identify as LGBT. In the following generation, Millennials, the percentage who identify as LGBT is 10%. And this youngest generation, Generation Z, almost 21% identify as LGBT.

How is it possible we have gone from 3% to 21% LGBT?

The young Americans who do not identify as LGBT are also far more tolerant and supportive of this LGBT lifestyle than either the Boomers or the Millennials. Young people’s support for alternative lifestyles is why companies face backlash from their employees for not supporting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Here is another data source. Gallup’s most recent data says the overall percentage of people who identify as LGBT has risen from just 3.5% in 2012 to 7.1% in 2021. The number of people who identify as LGBT doubled in less than 10 years?

The older generations do not understand what is going on. Is this some crazy fad that will recede one day? Are these young people being unduly influenced by peers, schools and the entertainment industry to think about choosing an “alternative” lifestyle?

Perhaps this increase in people who identify as LGBT is because of the decline of the church and moral values? Maybe there was always a much higher percentage of LGBT, but it was suppressed because of societal values during the time of the Boomers and Millennials? No one knows why the dramatic rise in people who self-identify as LGBT is occurring.

It is reasonable for traditionalists to have anxiety about this increase from 3% to 21% identifying as LGBT and what that means for young children who are not yet fully developed into adults.

What worries these traditionalists is that we have young people whose decision-making skills are not yet fully formed, making decisions, some of which may not be easily reversible. We don’t give driver’s licenses to children younger than 16, but can they change their biological birth sex at age 12?

We don’t let children under 21 buy cigarettes and alcohol, but will we allow a 17-year-old to change their biological birth sex?

The radical left will not let people within the Democratic party say maybe we need to slow down. Let’s seek to understand what is driving this rapid increase in self-identification as LGBT before making it even easier to approve a dramatic change in a young person’s sexuality.

Traditionalists may not understand physically changing birth sex but generally think if you are an adult that change is on you. But if it is a child?

This issue is important to Florida. Large Florida cities are hubs for the LGBT community. While Gallup estimates the total percentage of Americans that was LGBT in 2017 to be about 4.2%, Miami was at 5.5%, Tampa at 6.1% and Orlando at 7.7%. All three Florida cities have a higher percentage than metro Los Angeles, only 4.6%.

In America, we have a radical left and a radical right who are not investing the time to try and understand each other. Considered rational discussion is needed about what is causing this dramatic change in sexual identification.

Can either of the two radicals, left and right, seek first to understand the other? To love their neighbors as themselves? Particularly those who are different and marginalized. That’s my starting point. What’s yours?

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