Southern Charms: Your One Stop Mobile Home Shopping Destination

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Southern Charms

If you’re looking for a mobile home, look no further than Southern Charms Mobile Homes. This company has a brand-new location on S. Bay Street in Eustis where business is booming with everyday sales.

Why are people flocking to Southern Charms?

Because this company has a stellar reputation of integrity that was founded by owners, Tom Hlavin and Susan Smith. Between the two owners, they have over 65 years’ mobile home experi-ence. They’ve handled mobile home park ownership, park man-agement as well as experienced exceptional sales achievements in selling mobile homes in parks with rented land and licensed real estate sales on private land or land owned communities.

Along with their seven agents, Tom and Susan value helping first time home buyers, vacation home buyers, retirement home buyers and buyers looking to downsize.

The management team provides start to finish service, pro-cessing all aspects of the legal transactions to finalize the sale. In return, clients are left worry free as they transition into their new home.

Susan says, “There’s nothing like finding a home that meets the buyer’s needs. It’s such a special time in a person’s life. Helping them in this way makes my heart feel full.”

Their real estate agents have neighborhood knowledge, are educated in pricing trends, can handle phone calls or emails from buyers who long for a place to call home. These agents provide many services that most people may not have the time nor the experience to handle.

Southern Charms understands that change can be both excit-ing and frightening. Men and women facing major life changes like moving, leaving a lifelong home, retiring or downsizing can be daunting. This company prides itself on making these tran-sitions go as smoothly as possible.

Stop by their new office today and let them “charm you”