Every year, folks make New Year’s Resolutions and after a hiccup or two, they wind up wishing they could go back in time. I.e. they break those resolutions faster than you can say Flux Capacitor.

While resolutions beg to be broken, goals beg to be achieved. With a simple mind shift, we can choose to transform resolutions into step by step goals. We’re more likely to follow through with attainable steps that lead to our big life picture. 

To aid my mindset, I like to preface my yearly goals with a Year End Review. In my journal, I write down everything I accomplished that year. The small, the big, the miraculous. The process proves to my brain that that goal setting works. It’s there in black and white. 

Since I keep an annual journal, I dive into it and I’m usually surprised about a handful of goals I forgot I nailed. On the flip side, there are straggler goals that didn’t get checked off the list. I reserve those goals for my upcoming year goal list if applicable. 

It’s important that we don’t get hung up if a goal hasn’t blossomed. Instead, we can see it as an opportunity to fine-tune, explore, become an expert if need be. Growth goes hand in hand with goal achievement. 

Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Next, I compile life goal categories for the upcoming year: Body. Mind. Spirit. Relationships. Finances. Home. I leave a few pages blank for each category to be filled in later.

I consult God before I write down a single goal, gaining insight and His direction. 

Some of the categories have more goals listed than others and that’s always okay. The idea is to explore all of the above for balance that works for the individual. 

After I have my frame work, I write down at least five steps I can take to make each goal a reality. Sometimes I really have to reach for those five, but it makes me think out of the box. 

Big factor in goal achievement: Choose to enjoy in the journey! 

Today’s Practice:

1. Get that lined journal so you can kick off your 2022 with the best goal map! 

2. Choose your top six life goal categories and leave plenty of space. 3-5 pages. 

3. Pray about what you want to achieve in each area of your life. 

4. Write down your goals under the categories, leaving plenty of lines in between. 

5. Write down five steps you can take to get that party started under each goal. 

6. Take the steps! Enjoy the process. 

You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll begin to accomplish by putting this into practice. 

Remember, you are a powerful child of God and everything you need to rise out of the ashes of the past lives on the inside of you. I’m truly blessed by your notes of encouragement, questions and prayer requests. 



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