what we believe

In Proverbs 23:7 the Bible teaches us that as a person thinks, he or she is, in their nature, character, who they believe they are in their heart of hearts. 

Because that scripture is true, we will always look for confirmation that our beliefs are the real deal. 

There’s a definition for this: 

Confirmation Bias: the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.

In the same vein, our brains will refute anything that goes against what we believe. We will seek to prove it wrong. 

If we get to decide what to think about ourselves, then isn’t more profitable that we believe what God says about us instead of what our past says? About what people may say?

God’s truth is the truth to the exclusion of everything else. 

Yet we tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough and set out on a path to prove that belief correct. As a result, we behave our way to the destination of that belief. 

If we don’t feel worthy of a career or a relationship that would be healthy for us, we subconsciously sabotage that good thing until it is destroyed or avoided altogether. 

What we say and believe in our hearts foretells our present and future. The past doesn’t get a vote in the matter unless we continue to give it power. 

Everything we’re living today, we thought about and believed in our hearts before we got to this destination. 

So if we’re saying and believing, “That can never work for me.” Then it can’t and won’t. Because you will find a way to make it true. 

It’s a matter of the heart. 

We get to predetermine what’s allowed inside our hearts.  

This week’s practice:

1. Mull over what you really want either spiritually, monetarily or physically. Maybe you want to build your confidence. Allow yourself the time and space to daydream this out. 

2. Create a positive emotion with attaining your God-given desire. Feed it and feel it in your meditation time. 

3. When circumstances crop up that make your outlook seem impossible, remind yourself of why it is possible. You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. Find a scripture that backs you up. 

4. Write it down and read it aloud with emotion every single day. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the belief roots in your heart. 

5. Put action with your faith. The Bible is right. Faith without action is dead. So, get to doing the work. What you hold in your heart will spill over in your life.   

What you hold in your mind and heart is an unavoidable destiny. And until you choose to change it, modify it, override it, you will meet it. Make sure it’s worthy of you. 

Remember, everything you need to rise out of the ashes of the past lives on the inside of you. 

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