Camille Carnes

Camille Carnes

In a season that was shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic, Camille Carnes went 6-2 in both singles and doubles tennis for Winter Haven High School. Her performance earned her first team all-county honors and she was recognized for being the most improved player.

Carnes will be foregoing her junior year to become a senior.

How did you get into tennis?

I started when I was 12. I missed a day of school and my mom had a tennis lesson. I picked up a racket and it just clicked for me and I haven’t stopped playing since.

Who has been the biggest influence on you when it comes to tennis?

Both my mom and dad because they (both) played tennis. My dad played tennis at my age, so it all just fit in the family.

What is the area of your game you feel like you need to improve the most?

I think I need to be more consistent and work on controlling my power.

How upsetting was it for the season to get cut short due to COVID-19?

It was really upsetting because we were having a lot of fun and evolving as a team. Then COVID hit and everything stopped. It still doesn’t feel normal.

What’s your preference between playing singles and doubles?

I enjoy singles more. I like relying on myself and having all the pressure on me. It’s more competitive and I like it.

What are some of your goals for your next two seasons?

I’d like to still be number one (on the roster) and I’d like to win all my matches. I’d like to have a perfect record and keep doing what I'm doing — having fun with my team, being a good teammate and having fun.

Who’s your favorite tennis player?

Naomi Osaka. Our games are a lot alike

What are some of your hobbies outside of tennis?

I like to paint and I like to skateboard. I also really like music, baking and adventuring.

What’s your favorite class?

I'm a big science and math nerd.

What’s your favorite thing to bake?

I like to bake cupcakes. I like to make white chocolate peach and coconut cupcakes. It’s actually amazing.

What are your current plans for college?

I'm going to use the summer to train and try to get a scholarship at a (Division I) school. I don't have a preference. I skipped a grade so I shouldn’t have to worry about it now and it’s actually really stressful.

What’s your favorite genre of movie?

I like horror movies, romantic movies and action and adventure. Just really tragic movies.