Athlete of the Week: Dawson Davis

Dawson Davis signs his National Letter of Intent with Piedmont International University.

Dawson Davis, a graduating senior at Lake Region High, is set to play baseball at Piedmont International University in Roxboro, North Carolina. He officially signed to play on May 30. Through eight games, Davis tallied three RBIs and hit one double before the COVID-19 pandemic cut the season short.

Davis was also the captain of the wrestling team and became the first wrestler at Lake Region to make regionals since 2013. Davis will just play baseball at Piedmont, but plans to join the wrestling team if they eventually add one to the athletic department there.

What was it about Piedmont International University that made you want to play there?

The coach, (assistant) coach Kirk Cabana, he called me and texted me every day asking how I was doing. He didn't care for me as much as a player, but more as a person — and that gave me the family atmosphere I wanted. It was a (more affordable) university, so I can go through without being in a ton of debt.

Who has helped you the most with playing baseball?

Probably my dad. He was my travel ball coach my whole life. He taught me everything as far as hitting, fielding, my base. I was lucky enough to where my senior (year), he was my coach, so I got to spend my first year and my last year with him.

What’s your favorite memory from playing baseball?

At the end of my junior year, we had senior night (and) I hit my first home run and it was a walk-off grand slam. We had a ton of fans there. It was a special moment.

What would you say is the toughest part about hitting?

I feel like the toughest part is having confidence in yourself coming up to the plate. Sometimes it’s intimidating and you need to have confidence that you can hit the ball and make things happen for your team.

If you could hit against one pitcher in MLB right now, who would it be?

I would want to hit against Chris Sale (because) he’s local and he throws really weird and goofy so it’d be interesting to see how I'd react to that.

How tough was it to balance wrestling and baseball?

It was amazing. The conditioning for wrestling really toughened me up and got me into shape. I feel like every year when baseball started I was at peak condition.

Who’s your favorite UFC fighter?

Jorge Masvidal.

Who’s your favorite baseball team?

I’m a Boston Red Sox fan

What’s going to be your major?

Right now, I'm going to go in for nursing and basically work to get my masters in nursing.

What’s your favorite sports movie?

I would say my favorite sports movie is “Varsity Blues.” It's a football movie, but it’s a comedy and it’s a good movie.