Athlete of the Week - Jakobe Lane

Jakobe Lane

Heading into his final year on the gridiron at Winter Haven High School, Jakobe Lane is set to lead a relatively young team this season. Lane is one of four siblings to play football at Winter Haven High.

Lane, who also plays basketball and runs track, plays running back, wide receiver and cornerback for the Blue Devils.

Which NFL team is your favorite?

New York Giants.

Who’s your favorite football player?

Saquon Barkley.

Are there any particular players that you try to model your game after?

I mostly try to model my game after Alvin Kamara and Tyreek Hill.

How did you get into playing football?

It’s just in my family. All three of my brothers (played), so it’s just been in my family.

Who has been your biggest role model?

It’s my brothers.

What’s it like playing for a school that you’ve had family members play at before?

I'm trying to follow my brother’s footsteps and making my own path. I'm just so happy I get to play at the school my brother played at. It just looks good at home with all Winter Haven (High School) diplomas.

What’s it like playing three positions?

It's (good) for the next level, getting more access and having an edge over players. … The conditioning is probably the toughest part but I haven’t had any trouble getting in shape because I’m always down for hard work.

Do you have any concerns about playing football in the middle of a pandemic?

The only concern is not playing football at all. It only takes one person to stop the season so that’s our biggest concern.

What are your expectations for this season?

We have a young team, but we’re going to do big things this season. We’re going to shock everyone and prove them wrong.