Trinity Hardy



Being one of the top girls basketball players for a program like Winter Haven is nothing to scoff at. Trinity Hardy isn’t just that, but she’s the captain as well. Hardy is a junior and plays multiple positions for the Blue Devils. She is Winter Haven’s leading scorer at 18 points per game. Thus far, the Blue Devils are 8-1.

Who has had the biggest influence on your basketball career?

Probably my mom and dad. Sticking with it whenever it got harder, everyone’s natural instinct is to quit and they just kept on pushing me.

How did you get into playing basketball?

My dad, when he was younger, he used to coach at a recreational (league). He was as coach and I was the oldest. I was pushed into basketball (and) at a really young age being exposed to it.

How much pride do you take in playing for a school with as much tradition as Winter Haven?

A lot of pride. It’s really like the legacy, being a part of the legacy — my mom played, my aunt played — just passing it down from generation to generation.

Who’s your favorite basketball player?

LeBron James. My favorite female players are Maya Moore and Tiffany Hayes. (Hayes) played at Winter Haven so that’s another inspiration for me.

Who’s your favorite basketball team?

The Lakers because of LeBron. When he was with the Heat I was with the Heat and when he was with the Cavs I was with the Cavs.

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

I like to work on my craft. I do individual workouts, call my coaches, my AAU coach, call my dad. I have a court in my backyard.

What’s the one gift that you want the most for Christmas?

I know I can’t get it, but if God can grant it I was a state ring — it was like crazy, that was my favorite memory. When the buzzer rang and we were up against Nova, I’ll never forget that feeling. It was like my heart was beating and stopping at the same time. I never experienced anything like it.

What do you plan on majoring in when you go to college?

Not exactly sure. I know that I want to go in the medical field and want to be a doctor.

Do you have plans on playing basketball in college?

The recruiting process starts December 1 for juniors (and) my two official offers are UCF and College of Charleston. I’m going to South Carolina tomorrow and Rutgers and Elon and Alabama are supposed to be there.