AOTW - Yancy Morales

Yancy Morales is a swimmer for the Lake Wales Blue Marlins and the Lake Wales High School varsity team.

LAKE WALES — As a member of the Lake Wales Blue Marlins club swim team and the Lake Wales High swim team, Yancy Morales, 16, has been a leader by example.

Ana Pizarro, who coaches both teams, praises Morales’ willingness to take constructive criticism and work hard to improve, and says the sophomore swimmer has the personal record times to show for it, too.

Morales says she does several races for both teams, but that her strongest events are the 50-yard freestyle, the 200-yard freestyle and the 100-yard backstroke.

How did you get involved with swimming?

I used to swim when I was younger, but then I stopped. Then I came back during high-school season. My mom encouraged me to try it again and I just felt like I wanted to do it.

Whenever the season resumes, what are your goals for the remainder?

To PR (set a new personal record) in my 100-yard backstroke, my 100-yard freestyle and my 200-yard freestyle, because I think I can do a lot better.

What do you have to do to improve your times?

It’s technique, practice and putting into practice what coach (Ana Pizarro) tells you.

What is your favorite thing to learn about in school?

My favorite subject is science and health science, since that’s what I want to do in the future.

What’s your dream job?

A pediatrician. I like working with kids and it involves doing medicine.

What’s a movie that you watched recently and really liked?

“Frozen 2.”

What are you planning on doing to pass time during what could be a prolonged spring break due to the spread of coronavirus?

I either read, watch Netflix and Disney+ or I might walk around the neighborhood. For Netflix, I could watch “Legacies” and “Criminal Minds” all day.

Who is your biggest role model?

My mom (Nancy Vazquez). She’s incredibly hardworking and whether she’s having a bad, she does not let it affect her. I love her.