I'm a new subscriber to the Winter Haven SUN and just read "Viewpoints" in the April 14, 2021 edition (“What does it mean to be a public servant?” by David Dunn-Rankin). I am in so much agreement with it that it's scary. If I am able to vote for any of these seven (7) representatives it will be a firm 'NO" vote. So many of our elected officials forget why they were elected. Bottom line is they are in it for them and theirs. Not for those who elected them and for the Country - themselves. It can be seen in nearly every news cast. Your closing story about trying to get information seems to be so typical anymore. I'm with you on thanking Rep. Hawkins for his response. I also read the Ledger, but glad I'm a subscriber to the SUN now.

William Bland, Auburndale

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