Victor & Mika's

Did you know there’s a local dynamic duo that has morphed owning a food truck and a bakery all into one?

Victor and Mika, partners in life and in the kitchen, are up to something seriously delicious in Polk County.

Mika Altidor grew up in Winter Haven and Víctor Muñoz relocated here from Chicago in the 1990s. The pair of foodies bake vegan and vegetarian treats for people traveling from near and far. The choice to create goods based on their diets was a very personal one.

Mika was diagnosed with benign tumors in the uterus. Since going vegan, she says the tumors have shrunk noticeably and the intense abdominal pain she was experiencing has vanished.

“The vegan lifestyle has saved my life — or maybe given me a new life,” Mika said. “In a crazy way, I wouldn't change anything in my life, like becoming ill, because it gave me this plant-based lifestyle and the chance to surprise other people by creating yummy vegan treats.”

Victor & Mika’s Bakery’s stated mission is to inspire communities to welcome the idea that healthy is tasty with plant-based foods.

Like many small businesses right now, their bakery was dramatically affected because of Covid-19. Though the pandemic has slowed them down, cancelled all of their annual vegan events, and led to both marketing and financial loss, they say they were quick to find positives where possible.

“We finally had days off from the bakery, and were able to recharge our batteries,” Mika said. “New delivery service from our bakery became available five days a week and lots of new vegan, gluten-free and keto options became available.”

Taking time to sit back, focus on self-care and daydream led the couple to doing even more once they were able to re-open, they say.

Who could resist oozy pizza rolls, flaky croissants, or fruity pebbles donuts? The list goes on and on.

If you visit their Facebook you will find each of the menus that are filled with tempting treats.

Their normal food truck parking spot is on Havendale Boulevard, across from Brook’s Furniture Store, on Sundays.

They also sell their baked goods at Buena Market Pop-up at Lakeland’s Cob & Pen, the Bayshore Market in Tampa and at the Winter Haven Farmers Market, starting September 12.

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