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“David, read your column on immigration, and you showed your radical leftist nature again. We need to build a wall, shut of all these lawbreakers and drug dealers, and then have an immigration debate. Not until we stop all these criminals can we come up with a true immigration policy.” T.

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“Good morning, Mr. Dunn-Rankin, you had an opinion piece titled ``Should we just say no to immigrants?`` with an immigrant giving her opinion on it. I am also an immigrant and wanted to give a differing opinion.

 America is capable of an intelligent discussion about immigration.

“Greetings David, I believe the American Dream is alive. For me, the Dream is about opportunity. The opportunity to change your own stance and posture in our economy is real and unlike most other places in the world. I see more opportunities now than ever before in my life.

Sometimes it feels like life is changing too much too fast — particularly for my Boomer Generation.

One of our readers raised an important issue in a recent email: “First, let me say that I enjoy your newspaper and your editorials. They hit the nail on the head. Now to the issue at hand.

From reader T: “I read with interest the responses about comparing living conditions past and present this past Sunday.

Reader S. writes, “Your column on Abortion - Maaaan, you will get bombarded from all sides on this issue. Abortion is nothing less than “murder.”

I’ve written over 300 columns in the past three years. Some subjects were apple pie and the American Flag. Others were more controversial.

Reader J. wanted to let me know that I owe everyone a great big apology. When I wrote my two columns about how much better life is today than it was 40 or 50 years ago and how much better life will likely be in the future, it did not sit well with J. He’s 84, lives in a trailer on Social Sec…

 In a series of columns, I’ve been trying to help readers understand America’s challenges in having a thoughtful dialogue about LGBTQ issues.

Love her long pink hair, pulled up off the shoulder. Love the multi-color top, the jeans short shorts. The mid-size black boots with large rectangle heels. The nose ring. Someone comfortable enough with their fellow employees to dress a little on the wild side at the company get-together.

My wife was on a search committee for our church. The search committee carefully and thoughtfully gathered a list of all the qualities they wished for in their new priest: A persuasive and engaging orator, a nurturing minister on the individual level, a sharp administrator, and someone who w…

“In the paper, you wrote that "at one time, the core of our American democracy was the concept of majority rule. That is factually untrue. Our government is a constitutional Republic based on the concept of representative government. While I agree with many of your statements that followed y…

A perfect democracy does not exist. A by-product of self-governance is partisanship politics. Freedom of speech allows for disagreement, and human nature opens the door to special interests—the more space for discourse, the more opportunity for what once was a manageable level of chaos. Norm…

“Polk County is having growing pains, as listed in your column. Yet, this county is set upon a swamp. This Chain of 100 Lakes is a wetland. You fail to bring this issue into your discussion. Your discussion fails to talk about stormwater issues regarding all of Polk county's roads and freewa…

Reader S politely questioned my column comparing various Florida city’s crime rates to New York City. Thanks for the great questions, S. “Not questioning your accuracy in the statistics…..but wondering. Does the population density alter any of that information? Or does it skew it to where on…

Over quite a few weeks, I have asked our readers to send an example of how their local state representative or congressman had been responsive. Not one example of public service was shared. Instead, here’s a sample of what I received.

Quite often I am asked about the newspaper business. There are a lot of clickbait stories discussing the demise of the American newspaper. Those stories make our readers and advertisers wonder if we will be around in 30 years. 

It was a bit jarring.  I was at my friendly neighborhood Speedway getting gas and a refreshment. I started to pick my gasoline grade and was surprised to see a rather large sticker glued on to the pump near the gas selection keys.

It was a bit jarring.  I was at my friendly neighborhood Speedway getting gas and a refreshment. I started to pick my gasoline grade and was surprised to see a rather large sticker glued on to the pump near the gas selection keys.

Our long-time production director, R., died from Glioblastoma — a particular nasty and deadly form of cancer. R was with us almost 30 years. His former career was as primarily as a newspaper accountant up in Pennsylvania.

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Getting out and walking is a good way to stay healthy, and it can be very enjoyable. But it’s good to make an effort to be safe about it.

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“I don’t even want to calculate the hours of my life over the last 50 years that I’ve spent in public meetings and hearings listening to self-appointed scolds telling the rest of us that we’re not preserving enough of Florida before they return to the comfort of their air-conditioned single-…

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Early last month, two of our elderly citizens were scammed out of over $65,000 by criminals who played on their emotions — and I can’t begin to express how angry I am over this. The sad truth is that these victims will likely never get their money back, even if we can identify and arrest the…

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“Hey David, I read your note on national immigration. If it is true, as you say it is, that GDP is the sum of productivity growth and population growth, why not focus instead on just productivity growth. Why do we have to grow the pie and then divide it among even more people? If the populat…

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An organization called Smart Growth America published a study in early March regarding the most dangerous metropolitan areas in the United States for pedestrians.

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“For someone who a few weeks ago complained about how much taxes your company had to pay, you sure make it sound like the Republicans in Tallahassee are all to blame. Yet you think they should raise state taxes to take the ‘burden‘ off local governments. Isn’t that what local governments are…

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