Reader S. writes, “Your column on Abortion - Maaaan, you will get bombarded from all sides on this issue. Abortion is nothing less than “murder.”

What difference does it make ending an unborn life after 2, 3, 5, 12, 15, 25, weeks. You are still killing the unborn who have no way to fight for their life. “You are talking about poverty and other stupid reasons, I may add, for killing the unborn. Murder is a murder is a murder, no matter how you slice it. This is not an opinion, it’s a fact. Why can’t women, if they do not want to get pregnant, just keep their knees together. Make sure that they take necessary precautions before they have sex.

“Here you are giving statistics how many people are for killing the unborn and how many are against. No matter how you slice it, it is killing. Pro-life and pro-choice? What the hell does that mean anyways. Either you support killing the unborn or you are against killing the unborn. Put this in your column.” S.

And there is this: “May God have mercy on your soul for writing such a glib message about abortion influencing other people to commit murder of an innocent human being. You will have to answer to God for every word you write, especially this. “What the populace thinks or says about abortion or the percentages thereof is not the issue. The issue is the murder of an innocent human being and abortion has been forbidden by God since the beginning of time. "Be fruitful and multiply" God said to Adam and Eve in the Garden. Not '"Kill your children before they exit Eve's womb."

People are ignorant of what abortion is since they have listened to leftist propaganda on the issue for over a century. It isn't what you think or I think but what the reality of absolute truth is....not "your truth" nor "my truth" but what is actually the absolute truth. And what is it? It's God's Truth... what His Truth is. Of course, most people today, especially the young, have no belief in God.” M.

Thank you, to the readers who wrote me about abortion. I understand where our religious are coming from. I am troubled by 63 million abortions over the last 50 years. We need to think about what this says about us as a country. The vast majority of people who want to outlaw abortion in all circumstances are deeply religious. If you are a white, evangelical Christian, you are 74 percent likely to think abortion should be illegal in all or almost all cases.

On the other hand, for Americans who are unaffiliated with religion, 84 percent believe abortion should be legal or legal is most cases. They don’t agree that abortion is murder. Where Americans stand on abortion is driven primarily by religious views. Not all Republicans believe abortion should be illegal. About 72 percent of conservative Republicans support making abortion illegal. But for moderate Republicans, only 38 percent believe abortion should be illegal. Only 26 percent of moderate Democrats believe abortion should be illegal and only 9 percent of liberal Democrats believe abortion should be illegal. The question we must struggle with as Americans is where do we draw the line in passing laws that follow the Bible versus different views that are held by a vast majority of Americans.

Does it matter if the crowd that believes strongly in Biblical law is in a small minority? We may have individual rights as a democratic society, but those rights are not necessarily “right” according to religious beliefs. Is it ever OK to grant someone “the right” to do something even though many people believe it’s not “right?”

For example, Moses and Jesus both said divorce is not right, but they specifically afforded “hard-hearted” people the right to do it. How do we handle this latest conflict between religious standards of righteousness and democratic expectations of freedom?

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