LAKELAND — Situated just steps from the Polk Museum of Art is a house-turned-gastropub that serves up a culinary experience of excellence in an inviting atmosphere you’ll be tempted to unwind in.

Red Door Lakeland, owned by sommelier and food enthusiast Richard DeAngelis, is operated by a group that cares deeply for the community. The thoughtful approach to dining speaks volumes throughout Central Florida.

“My dream is to create a creative industry culture to link all artisan businesses so that we can utilize each other’s expertise and weave a community fabric that’s more canvas than linen,” said DeAngelis.

DeAngelis makes it clear that with high-class vendors close by, there is little-to-no reason to be purchasing from elsewhere. Rather than paying for goods to be trucked in from a faceless conglomerate, Red Door purchases it’s ingredients from vendors in the neighborhood.

“Joe Dunham has built the best brewery in Central Florida, period,” DeAngelis said, citing an example. “There’s nobody more concerned with the plight of Central and South American coffee growers than Lizabeth at Ethos Coffee — and that passion has led her to become one of the finest coffee roasters you’ll ever find.”

Beyond supporting local businesses, Red Door is also concerned with serving guests top-notch quality. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is homemade — from the bread on your table to the ketchup and condiments to house-made sorbetto, Chef Lucy and her team are getting artsy in the kitchen.

Every few months, the restaurant puts out a brand new seasonal menu. As items are not in season or are no longer available, they make adjustments and dream up new concepts. On September 10 their Fall Menu will be released — and the anticipation is real.

“There’s a lot I am excited about: stone crab claws, bone-in pork chop,” DeAngelis said. “But maybe the one dish I am most anxious for is the crispy scallops, pork belly, and spicy tomato jam.”

If you want to support a culinary powerhouse that supports the growth of the fine food industry in our area, I highly suggest making a reservation at Red Door. The restaurant also hosts wine dinners and seminars. Stay in the know to hear their date for their next one, “Understanding and Loving Pinot Noir.”