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This Christmas season, we thought a neat gift we could give to our citizens would be free pet adoptions from our Animal Control facility during the week before Christmas and all the way until Christmas Eve.

The great news is, we were able to find homes for 104 cats and dogs!

Of course, we hope that every pet we adopt out from our facility is well-cared for, in a loving environment, with access to food, water and shelter.

We thought this would be a good opportunity to go over some “animal FAQs” just in case.

The five things you need to do in order to be a responsible pet owner are:

  • Ensure the pet has ample food, fresh water and shelter.
  • Ensure the pet has been properly vaccinated.
  • Ensure the pet has a valid Rabies license.
  • Ensure pets have an RFID microchip which is registered with Animal Control.
  • Ensure the pet has a collar and identification tag.

Per state statutes and county ordinances, dogs should not be allowed to be “at-large” and must always be leashed or properly confined on your property. Cats are only allowed to be “at-large” if the cat has been sterilized and has current vaccinations.

If you suspect someone is neglecting or abusing a pet, please call us immediately at 863-298-6200. We have Animal Control Investigators and Agricultural Crimes Unit detectives specialized in investigating those types of crimes.

But please remember – even if you don’t agree with housing a dog in a cage or run or crate outside, it doesn’t mean it’s against the law. You can always call PCSO if you have questions – but please understand that when we respond, we may deem there is no neglect or abuse, if the animal has food, water, and shelter.

Everyone loves their pets differently – some feel they are members of the family, and should live inside, sleeping in a warm bed. Some keep their pets confined to the yard.

Either way, it’s not that difficult to be a responsible pet owner. Please visit our website www.polksheriff.org if you have any questions.