A lot of people are finding themselves at home a lot these days — and are maybe even looking for things to do to pass the time.

I have a suggestion.

It likely won’t be something that is fun for you to do, but it’s something that a lot of people put off doing, or just choose not to do it at all.

How about taking this time to make sure your computers and other devices are safe?

That probably sounds odd, but think about just how much personal information most people type into their computers and devices.

Do you use an antivirus program and, if so, is it up-to-date?

Are your passwords really strong?

Are your neighbors able to access your WiFi?

Many of the steps you need to take with your devices to lower the risk of your personal information getting stolen are relatively easy to do. Even if you don’t know much about doing such things, there is a lot of instructional information — and even YouTube videos — on how to accomplish this necessary safeguarding. Just make sure the information comes from a trusted source.

Never click on attachments to emails and texts from people you don’t know, and don’t click on internet links without knowing that the source of the link can be trusted.

It’s a shame that we all have to be suspicious of nefarious activity, but it would be a bigger shame if someone accessed your computer and emptied your bank accounts.