A quiet moment of clarity produces the reality of the major concerns 2020 has left for us to work together to resolve. We find in 2021 the need to create and maintain solutions for inequalities, race relations, the judicial system, educational institutions and economic parities locally and nationally.

While we are fighting the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our attention was stolen by the bombing in Nashville, Tennessee. Now more than anytime in our history, it is critical that all cultures, community leaders and political parties come together to press positive and effective solutions to the forefront in 2021.

We need positive change, driven by hard decisions and inclusive resolutions. We have been incredibly divided across the aisles as well as in our local neighborhoods. We have to work together in our communities to apply policies that are realistic.

One way to continue working toward improving the economy after the COVID-19 crisis is to have the Department of Education implement more vocational education opportunities for students in K-12 Schools and in Higher Education.

We have to apply policies and create educational programs that assist the working class citizens. We should come together now to assist each other with solutions that move us toward working strategies.

Athletes often work individually, but together as a team to win games. This type of mindset and drive can help us now. Togetherness is key for 2021.

Dr. Shandale Terrell is an educator for Polk County Public Schools and a community leader who resides in Lakeland.